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Brett Kittredge's Choose Life License Plates

Information and Pictures for Choose Life tags

I collect license plates as a hobby, as something fun and interesting that I can do in my free time; but when it comes to the Pro-Life movement- it is more than a hobby. 

Even before I started collecting license plates I knew of 'Choose Life' plates but did not know they exist in many states (never mind my home state of Connecticut). I have since learned of their popularity and the money they have raised and chose to pass that information along to you.  

The main purpose of this website is to show off my license plate collection, and not to talk about politics. I know abortion is one of the most emotional issues out there. I have tried to make the 'Choose Life' section in a respectful way that gives you information solely on the plates and not necessarily on the Pro-Life movement. (You will not find gruesome pictures or any personal opinions). 

To make a long story short, 'Choose Life' plates give me the ability to combine my hobby of plate collecting and my interest and passion in the Pro-Life movement and I hope you take a moment to view the information.

Below you will find pictures of actual Choose Life plates, if available, and some notes on that particular plate. Click on the image to find a link to the apporpriate website for obtaining Choose Life tags. Be sure to check out my Choose Life News page (link below) to see what is happening across the country to bring these special plates to your state.

For the record: $6,116,262 is the total sales of all states Choose Life plates as of June 30, 2006.



Alabama began issuing these tags in 2003 and over 16,000 plates have been registered raising nearly $700,000. They cost $50.00 per year.


Arkansas also began issuing their Choose Life plates in late 2003. They cost an additional $35.00 with $25.00 going into a special Adoption Assistance Fund. More than 5,000 plates have been purchased raising over $125,000.


In 2003, Connecticut became the first state in the Northeast, and the first 'Blue' state, to issue Choose Life plates. The plate pictured to the left is the one currently on my truck- and boy was it expensive. First, you have to pay $10 to membership into the Children First Foundation (the pro-adoption organization that sponsors the plates), the plate costs $65 and you have to pay the CFF $25 a year for dues. Earlier this suumer the plates were temporary pulled from the shelf because the sponsoring organization was based in New York, this has since been worked out, and the plates are again being offered. Only about 250 have been sold since 2003.


Florida was where this whole movement got started and was the first state to offer Choose Life license plates. After about four years, former Governor Chiles' veto and a lawsuit by NOW, these plates went on sale in 2000. These plates cost $22 each (with $20 going to adoption organizations) and have raised over $4 million with over 200,000 plates registered. In 2006, it was the eight best selling specialty plate in the Sunshine State.


Hawaii, with their unique speciatly plate program, offers Choose Life decals for motorists to affix to what looks like regular plates. They have sold almost 500 plates raising about $10,000. These plates cost $25 a year, with $20 going to the Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Center.



Indiana has approved Choose Life plates and they will go on sale in 2007. These plates will benefit the Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers. The design of the plate is still in the works and I will add a photo as soon as one is available.


Kentucky approved production of Choose Life plates in Februrary 2006 and they went on sale over the summer. I am not sure of the number on the road, but over 1,100 had been pre-sold. Their is an initial fee of $28 and a $15 renewal fee for this plate.


Choose Life plates firts hit the road in Louisiana back in 2002, but shortly after that were held up while being bounced around in courts for nearly four years. These plates cost an extra $25 per year with the money going to agencies which assist women with unplanned pregnancies and those considering adoption. You may notice that Louisiana is the only state that the not bear the picture of the little boy and girl, opting instead for a stork. In this short time, over 800 have been sold to raise more than $30,000.


Maryland, with hundreds of optional plates representing every little church, labor union and local fire station in the state, offers the traditional Choose Life plate as well as a Maryland Right to Life plate. The Choose Life plates, which benefit Choose Life of Maryland, were released in 2003 and cost $40- $25 goes to the DMV and $15 cover the membership dues. Nearly 600 plates have been registered raising almsot $9,000. The Right to Life plates, which benefit MD RTL, bear the phrase "Life Is Precious" and cost the standard DMV charge of $25. I am not sure if there is an extra fee from the organization or how many plates are on the road. Scroll over the sample images on the left to see pictures of actual plates in use (you may need to adjust firewall settings to view this).


Mississippi began issuing Choose Life plates in 2003 and have since sold over 35,000 plates raising nearly $900,000. The plates cost $31 with $24 going to Choose Life MS. This plate is from County Code #64, or Simpson county.


Montana, who has the most graphic Choose Life plate today, has sold more than 600 plates raising $12,000 since the plates began production in 2004. The plates cost $25 per year with $20 going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Montana.


Ohio started issuing Choose Life plates in 2005 and have sold more than 2,000 plates in that short time. They cost $30 a year, with $20 going to the cause, totaling more than $40,000 raised. Ohio is the only state to have a second slogan on the plate, saying "Adoption Builds A Family." This plate is from County Code #76, or Stark county.


Oklahoma, who plates are nearly identical to Florida's, has raised nearly $30,000 by selling 1,500 plates since the plates were first released. The plates cost $35 a year with $20 going to the Choose Life Assistance Program Revolving Fund.

South Dakota

South Dakota, like Hawaii, has a decal program for their special plates. These plates cost $60- $10 as a one time DMV fee and $50 goes to Planning Life maternity homes. With the change of baseplate for regular issue plates earlier this year, South Dakota also changed the baseplates in their specialty plate program meaning it is the first Choose Life plate to have been re-designed. Scroll over the new design on the left to see an image of the older base (you may need to adjust firewall settings to view this).


Tennessee has been mired in lawsuits since the plate was first approved, but after the 6th Circuit allowed the production of these plates and the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, they are now set for production (Kentucky and Indiana are also in that jurisdiction and have since approved Choose Life plates after that ruling). At the time of the legislation, over 1,000 paid applications had been submitted.

Choose Life News



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Thank you to Joe McKinney and Mike Sells for contributing pictures to this page.