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Brett Kittredge's License Plates

American Pride Tags


This page features different examples of specialty plates that many states offer give drivers the ability to show their support for their country, the troops and those who lost their lives on Sept. 11. These plates commonly have phrases like United We Stand, God Bless America, In God We Trust, One Nation Under God or Support Our Troops. While most of these plates have been released, some are either due out once they pre-sell a certain number or have yet to be approved but have been brought up for consideration.

I have to admit my favorite plates here are those politically incorrect plates which mention God's name on it. While I like that God is mentioned, I like them even more because of the complaining from certain Americans (liberals) about how unconstitutional these plates are. Oh yes, Article 2, Section 3, Lines 4 and 5: Congress shall make no laws that call for the release of license plates that feature God's name on them... You may also notice that Blue states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois or California say more PC statements like United We Stand or We Will Never Forget. It looks like you have to live in Red states like Texas, Indiana, Mississippi or Arkansas to have God Bless America or In God We Trust license plates. Just my observation...

Most of these plates, which can fetch some big dollars, are not from my personal collection. Many of them are from Mike Sells, ALPCA 6464 and can be found at The PlateShack.

Arkansas "In God We Trust"

Arkansas offers these graphic plates which features the state capitol and the In God We Trust legend. They feature the stacked alpha prefix- AR followed by four characters. Proceeds from these plates go to a senior citizens' home delivered meal program provided by Arkansas Senior Citizen Centers. On a side note, Arkansans can renew their plates at a number of Wal-Mart stores.

California "We Will Never Forget"

These California plates feature the American flag in the background and the phrase We Will Never Forget. Funds from these plates go to scholarships for the children of Californians who died on 9/11, and they also help California's law enforcement fight statewide threats of terrorism.

Connecticut "United We Stand"

Like most Connecticut specialty plates, they are nearly identical to the passenger plates with the organizations slogan on the bottom. United We Stand is written in a navy stripe at the bottom with American flag clad U.S. maps on either side. Benefits from these plates go to the United We Stand commemorative account which includes financial support and assistance to spouses and descendants of those killed on 9/11. These plates were initially issued in the 000-USA to 999-USA format until that ran out.

Florida "United We Stand"

This Florida plate has the American and Florida flags prominently displayed in the middle with United We Stand at the bottom and September 11, 2001 in small letters below it. This plate benefits the Secure Airports for Florida's Economy Council which funds a grant program to enhance security at airports throughout the Sunshine State.

Georgia "Support Georgia Troops"

These plates have been approved but will not be released until they pre-sell 1,000 plates by June 30, 2007. They feature a red, white and blue ribbon on the left side and the legend Support Georgia Troops. Funds go to the state treasury.

Hawaii "America United"

Hawaii, who has a very unique specialty plate program, gives decals to be placed on regular plates. The picture on the left is an example of the decal that motorists would receive. This particular decal does not support any organization, it was simply approved after 9/11 for Hawaiians to show their support for their country and those who had fallen.

Illinois "America United"

These bright plates from the Land of Lincoln has a waving American flag in the background with the stars on the left, the stripes on the right and the serial number in the middle and the phrase American United on the bottom.

Illinois "America Remembers"

Illinois has a second patriotic themed plate in honor of September 11. The state name is written in a stacked format on the left side with the phrase America Remembers on the top of the plate and September 11, 2001 on the bottom over a waving American flag. It also has a stacked alpha suffix- AR. Benefits of these plates go to aid for terrorist victims and support local governments by providing public safety initiatives.

Iowa "God Bless America"

Iowa's God Bless America plate is similar to the current passenger plates except that it an American flag clad U.S. map with the Statue of Liberty in the center and the phrase God Bless American above it. This plate is from Lee County. I am not sure of the fund distribution for this plate.

Indiana "In God We Trust"

This sharp looking Indiana plate is due to be released in early 2007. This flat plate prominently displays our nation's motto with a waving American flag on the bottom. Their is a stacked alpha prefix- TG. These plates will be a no cost option for Hoosier's and it is reported the state has ordered some 500,000 plates to be ready for January 1.

Louisiana "In God We Trust"

Greatly resembling the previous blue outline regular issue, Louisiana also offers a plate that features the nation's motto- at the bottom, and an American and Louisiana flag on the left side with a stacked alpha prefix- TG.

Maine "Support Our Troops"

This plate has been proposed by state legislators, but yet to be approved. I saw a story on the news about how this may be controversial- but I couldn't imagine someone opposing this plate. It features the state map with a yellow ribbon on the left side of the plate with the We Support Our Troops legend at the bottom. Fees generated from this plate will go to a fund to help Maine National Guard and Reserve families with emergency costs.

Massachusetts "United We Stand"

This colorful Massachusetts plate features a waving American flag in the background at the phrase United We Stand at the bottom. It includes a stack alpha prefix- US. Proceeds from this plate benefit the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, which provides assistance to family members of the commonwealth's victims.

Michigan "Proud To Be American"

Michigan is the only state I know of to have the slogan Proud To Be American. This plate also features the American flag over the Great Lake state map on the left. Proceeds support the American Red Cross and Salvation Army disaster relief and preparedness activities in the United States.

Minnesota "Support Our Troops"

Although it appears rather illegible when you look at it, it is also colorful and one of the nicest graphics out there. It has the Bald Eagle over a waving American flag and the phrase Support Our Troops on the bottom. Extra fees are split between the Department of Military Affairs for financial support of military families and the Department of Veteran Affairs for grant programs for homeless and needy veterans.

Mississippi "God Bless America"

These are the two previous base God Bless America plates from the Magnolia State. Funds from this plate benefit the Sunflower Consolidated School Committee. Read more about this project and all Mississippi specialty plates here. The second plate is from County Code #24, or Harrison county.

Missouri "God Bless America"

These plain white flat plates are pretty similar to Mississippi's in terms of background design. Their is a waving American flag on the left side of the plate and the phrase God Bless America on the bottom. Proceeds from this plate go to the World War II memorial fund.

Nevada "United We Stand"

This plate is as busy as any on this page. It features the Bald Eagle on the left side of the plate over a waving American flag. Notice that unlike the Minnesota plate, the flag fades to white where the number appears making it much more visible. This plate features the phrase United We Stand on the bottom with We Will Never Forget below that. Their is a stacked alpha prefix- US. Extra revenue raised by this plate will be disbursed by the State Emergency Response Commission to support state and local first responders in planning, training, exercise and equipment efforts.

New Jersey "United We Stand"

New Jersey used their regular gold fade base but threw in some color with a blue band at the top and a thin band at the bottom. Their is a waving American flag on the left side of the plate and the phrase United We Stand on the bottom. Their is a stacked alpha prefix- UW. These license plates will benefit the Rewards for Justice Program which provides reward money for information that leads to the capture of terrorists and terrorist plots.

North Carolina "In God We Trust"

These plates greatly resemble the current First In Flight plates but feature the slogan In God We Trust- making it one of the few plates offered without the classic slogan. It also features a yellow ribbon which says Support Our Troops. Portions of the fees go the North Carolina National Guard Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund.

Ohio "One Nation Under God"

The only state to say One Nation Under God, the "controversial" line in the Pledge of Allegiance, Ohio offers these plates with the slogan on the bottom and an American flag on the left side of the plate. The small extra fee does not go to any organization.

Oklahoma "Patriot"

These Patriot plates are extremely colorful with the waving American flag in the background and a yellow ribbon reading Support Our Troops on the left side of the plate with the legend Patriot at the bottom. The extra money raised from these plates help purchase body armor for Oklahoma’s military personnel.

Pennsylvania "Patriot"

A bill has been introduced in the legislature to allow for these plates that are very similar to the Oklahoma Patriot plates with the same flag background, yellow ribbon and slogan. Proceeds from these plates go to the Pennsylvania National Guard.

South Carolina "In God We Trust"

This optional plates is available to motorists of the Palmetto State for no extra cost. The phrase In God We Trust is prominently displayed at the top with the American and South Carolina flags in the middle.

South Carolina "United We Stand"

Very similar base plate to that of the In God We Trust plate except the flag pole has been moved to the left side of the plate. Their is a stacked alpha prefix- USA and the slogan is once again at the top reading United We Stand. Fees collected for this plate will be distributed to the national 'Rewards For Justice' fund which was created to establish rewards for the capture of terrorists.

Tennessee "In God We Trust"

Another sharp looking red, white and blue plate this one also features the Bald Eagle prominently with the phrase In God We Trust at the bottom. It features the stacked alpha prefix- AE. Benefits from this plate go to the American Eagle Foundation.

Texas "God Bless America"

This flat Texas plates features the Bald Eagle over an American flag on the left side of the plate and God Bless America printed on the bottom. Extra fees raised by this plate go to the state highway fund for use for the Safe Routes to School Program.

Texas "United We Stand"

Texas also offers a United We Stand plate with the phrase spelled out prominently on the left side with an American flag beside it. Plain, but patriotic. The proceeds on this one go to the Texas Mobility Fund.

Virginia "United We Stand"

Virginia offers this United We Stand plate with the phrase on the bottom and an American flag on the right side of the plate. Like a number of other states, these plates go to the Rewards for Justice program.

West Virginia "September 11, 2001"

These plates, specifically mentioning the victims and tragedies of 9/11, feature a fading American flag at the top, the phrase We Will Not Forget on the left side and September 11, 2001 at the bottom. The plates features the stacked numeric prefix- 911 (very fittingly).

West Virginia "United We Stand"

West Virginia combines the state map of the old base and the base plate of the current base and added an American flag to make this United We Stand plate. The phrase is displayed at the bottom of the plate.



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Thank you to Mike Sells and Barret Wilkinson for contributing images to this page.