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News from the Choose Life plate scene


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States With Legislation Pending 


The state refused to consider legislation for Choose Life plates for three years until the Women's Resource Network sued for discrimination. A judge has stopped future approvals of specialty plates until the state sets a more equitable procedure for specialty plates. 


A team is in place to work on making Choose Life plates available but their is little interest in the legislature. If you are interested in helping out, contact


Efforts are underway to bring Choose Life plates to the state. If you want to help out, contact  


A bill to allow Choose Life plates has passed the Georgia legislature and will be on the next general election ballot. Once it passes, the plates will be made available to Georgians.


After refusing to allow a vote on Choose Life plates for two years, a discrimination suit was filed. A hearing has taken place and the ruling is forthcoming. For more information, contact Jim Finnegan at


The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has approved a Choose Life plate as one of their ten new specialty plates for 2007. The final design has yet to be approved. 


Their is an effort in place to change the way specialty plates are apporved. If successful, there will be an administrative process in place and a petition to gather supporters. For more information, contact Kim Gordon Lehman at or by calling (515) 244-1012.   


Merry Nordeen is working to collect 3,000 applications for Choose Life plates. If you would like to sign up, visit  


After two years of failing to gain approval from the legislature, their is now an effort to set up a procedure allowing for administrative approval. 


Jim Blockey is working on gaining 1,000 applications for Choose Life plates. Once the signatures are collected, they can apply to the Nevada DMV to have the plates produced. For more information, visit

New Hampshire

An effort to approve Choose Life plates died in the state house and may be re-introduced at a later time. 

New Jersey

An application for Choose Life plates that was submitted under the administrative process was denied by the NJ Motor Vehicles Commision. The Alliance Defense Fund, on behalf of The Children First Foundation, filed a lawsuit against the state for discrimination. The Choose Life plate won the first two rounds. For more information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Rex at  

New York

In a case very similar to that in New Jersey, the NY Motor Vehicle Department denied the Choose Life plate application. The Choose Life plate has won the first two rounds in court. Dr. Rex and the CFF are also leading this effort as part of work in the tri-state area. 

North Carolina

A bill to approve of Choose Life plates is now lodged in the House Finance Committee where it has died the past three years. 


Mike Tobin is working to gain support for Choose Life plates. To find ways to help out, visit or contact him at for more information. 


The state's specialty plates are now being approved under an administrative process. Choose Life Pennsylvania will soon be applying for the plate. If you want to help out, contact John Stanton at or (215) 885-8150. 

Rhode Island

A bill for Choose Life plates was introduced in 2004, but died due to lack of movement or support. 

South Carolina

A bill has been introduced that will allow non-profit organizations their own specialty plate if they can pre-sell 400 plates.  


A bill for Choose Life plates died after Planned Parenthood brough forth a request for a plate.  


A bill for Choose Life plates passed the legislature but was vetoed by former Governor Mark Warner. Choose Life Virginia plans to introduce a future bill. 


Ben Hull is working to draw support for Choose Life plates. If you want to help out, visit or contact him at for more information.



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