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Brett Kittredge's License Plates

Mississippi FAQs



When did Mississippi begin issuing license plates?

Mississippi began issuing license plates state-wide in 1912. However, there have been a few examples of pre-state license plates discovered (including the famous 1911 Vicksburg plate). From 1912 through 1924, the state issued pairs to motorists- they have issued a single rear plate ever since.

What is the story with 1913 plates?

After the first year of issuing license plates, the state was hit with a lawsuit soon after claiming that no legislation had been passed to approve for the tax revenue that the state received from requiring license plates on vehicles. The suit ended in 1914, and the state lost. In 1985, Dr. Roy Klotz, ALPCA 2478, discovered the first known 1913 plate as it had been widely believed that none were issued because of this suit.


Did Mississippi ever issue weight codes?

Yes, in the late 1930s and then again for about a ten year period starting in 1962. The codes were as follows: A=1800 lbs or less, B=1801-3000 lbs, C=3001-4000 lbs, D=4001 lbs or greater.

When were the first permanent plates released?

These were first issued in 1977 and at the same time it was the first plate is the state to feature a slogan, The Hospitality State, and an image, the magnolia.


Can I use YOM plates on my antique car?

Yes. These plates are called "historical" plates. Vehicles must be atleast 25 years old. The plates must be in satisfactory orignial condition or it can be refurbished to original condition. Also, the county name on the plate does not have to match the county that it is registered in.

Why does it say Sunflower School on the God Bless America and I Love Mississippi plates?

These plates support the Sunflower Consolidated School Preservation Committee, Inc. The Sunflower Consolidated School was formed in 1922 when three one room schools in South Coahoma County (in the delta) merged (or consolidated into one). The school operated for 41 years and was unique it that the school year was set around cotton season. The school closed its doors in 1962, but in 1990 the Sunflower Consolidated School Preservation Committee leased the school property and began restoring it. And they use proceedes from these plates to raise money for that cause.

What are those numbered stickers in the upper right hand corner of specialty plates?

Those are the county codes that are used to distinguish where the plate was registered. Mississippi began using them on the 2003 base specialty plates. However, they are the same numbers (or codes) that were used on plates for a period in the 1960s and 70s. To see a complete listing of the codes, click here.

What's up with those Killed In Action license plates?

Many states offer plates for mothers or wives of those who were killed in action, but I do not know of any other that have the words written out on the plates. That is who these plates are available to; the surviving spouse of those who were killed while serving this country for just $2.00. Only about two dozen have been issued.

I know most specialty and non passenger plates are flat, but I saw a flat plate that looked exactly like passenger issue?

That was probably a rentar car or truck license plate. It looks likes a regular issue but the first two letters of the suffix are WR and they are now completly flat. However, some of the early issues on the 2003 base were embossed.

Can I purchase a sample plate?

Yes, the state offers sample plates of the current passenger plates. They can be obtained by sending $5.00, check or money order, to:

Mississippi State Tax Commission
Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau
Post Office Box 1140
Jackson, MS 39215-1140