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Brett Kittredge's Mississippi License Plates


Mississippi offers a wide variety of non passenger plates that emcompass many different types of vehicles. I have broke these plates down into four main catagories: motorcycle, political, truck and everything else (sorry I couldn't think of a better name for the types that don't have a common theme).


Mississippi Specialty Plates

Mississippi Plates since 1977

Mississippi Reference Page



(Sample Plates Taken from the MS License Plate page)

(2006 Heavy Truck Demo, Manufaturer, Motorcycle, New Car, Trailer, Used Car)

These are the six dealer plates that Mississippi offers for dealerships, with a couple common and a few not so common types. They began issuing Dealer plates in 1921, but began breaking the plates up into different types sometime in the 70s. New and Used Auto plates apparently date back to 1975. The others have since followed. Below are pictures of some recent new and used dealer plates showing the bright colors they change every year. They switch plates every October.


(2003 Base regular MC plate, Disabled MC and Trailer MC)

Motorcycle plates were first issued by the state in 1915, but for the purpose of this page I will only feature the current base. These motorcycle plates feature a stacked MC prefix. As you can see these plates are now all flat and they are suppose to feature county code (only the regular MC plate has one pictured above) and the regular month and year stickers (they are slightly smaller then passenger plate stickers). Beginning with the 1992 Blue fade base, they were issued with the A0000 serial format and this progressive format has led to the "U7938" plate shown above. If you notice the unstickered disabled MC plate, the holes are very close to were the month and year decals should be meaning that they often get holes poked in the stickers (like the MC trailer plate) or they cover up part of the numbers (like the regular MC plate)

Oddball Motorcycle Plates:

(Antique MC, MC Dealer, MC Government, MC Shriner)

The Antique MC plate, like the other antique plates, can be used for any motorcycle that is at least 25 years old. These plate have a stacked MC prefix and say Antique Motorcycle as the bottom. Although the Antique Car and Truck plates are now all flat, these motorcycle plates are still embossed.

The MC Dealer plate goes back to at least 1942 and, like other Dealer plates, is replaced in October of each year and given a new color. They are usually bright colors, and as you can see here 2005 was blue on orange and 2006 is maroon on yellow.

The MC Government plate is issued to official state motorcycles.

The MC Shriner plate is very odd and rare, but has been dated back to 1970. I have seen a 1979 version of this plate and the color is basically the same (the current plates may be a little brighter).

Note: These are the only Mississippi plates I know of to currently say MISS instead of spelling the state name out.


(Governor, Lt. Governor, Ex- Governor, Ex- Lt. Governor, MS House of Representatives)

Like most states, Mississippi gives the Number 1 plate to the governor and the Number 2 plate to the Lt. governor. The ex- governor plate is X-1 and the ex- Lt. governor plate is X-2. For the ex plates, I have seen some that have the year the entered office on the left side and the year they left office on the right side.

Mississippi offers special plates for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Ex- U.S. Senate, Ex- U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate and State Representative (pictured above). The U.S. Senate and House plates have their bodies name at the bottom and the seal on the left. The ex- plates also say their bodies name at the bottom with the seal at the left, but they are in the X00 format. The State Senate and State House plates have the state seal on the left and their bodies name in the center of the plate. These plates all require county code stickers.


Mississippi offers a number of truck plates for the different weight classes. Many of these plates are flat, do not resemble regular plates and some have odd colored year stickers (not matching those of other MS plates).

(Apportioned Truck, Apportioned Trailer, Farm 10,000 GVW, Farm over 10,000 GVW, Fleet, Pick-up, Private Carrier of Property over 10,000 lbs., Heavy Truck Trailer, Private Trailer, Rental Trailer)

Other Non-Passenger Types

(American Legion, Amateur Radio- Jackson Co., Amateur Radio- Tippah Co., Antique Car embossed, Antique Car flat, Antique Truck embossed, Antique Truck flat, Church Bus embossed, Church Bus flat, Pickup, Rental Car embosed, Rental Car Wide Dies flat, Rental Car Thin Die flat, Street Rod, Taxi, Vanity)

A few notes on the plates pictures above:

When the 2003 base was first introduced, Antique Car, Antique Truck, Church Bus and Rental Car plates, they were all embossed but quickly switched over to flat plates. Besides passenger plates, handicap and pick-up plates are the only plates in the state that are still embossed.

Two of the most common plates pictured above are vanities and for pickup trucks. Vanity plates are all flat with the county name at the bottom and pickup truck plates look identical to passenger plates, including being embossed, but follow the 123-AB1 serial format.

Mississippi also offers the following non-passenger plates:

Ambulance- Resembles the current passenger plates, but is flat, includes a county code, says Ambulance at the bottom and follows the AM-0000 format.

Hearing Impaired- White specialty flat base plate that has logo on the left and says Hearing Impaired on the bottom and follows the 0000DF format.

Hearse- Resembles the current passenger plates, but is flat, includes a county code, says Hearse at the bottom and follows the HR-0000 format.

Rental Truck- Much like the current Rentar Car thin dies plate, but in the WR0-000 format.

School Bus- Resembles the current passenger plates, but is flat, includes a county code, says School Bus at the bottom and follows the SB-0000 format.



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Thank you to Barret Wilkinson and Mike Sells for contributing pictures to this page.