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Brett Kittredge's License Plates

Family and School Related

These are all plates that I collect that have ties to my family, myself or my school in one way or another. Some are vanities, some are from family cars and some may have initials or a name on the plate.


Let's start off with the Ole Miss (or Ole Miss related plates). I am currently a student at Mississippi's flagship university and will be graduating in the spring of 2007.

The 2002 Ole Miss special issue was issued from 1998-2003. Mississippi began issuing Ole Miss (and other colleges) license plates in 1993. The logo on the left is of the lyceum, the official logo of the university. License plate number "26R88."
An unissued Nebraska plate from the 2001-2004 crane base. Some Ole Miss fan or alumni residing in the Cornhusker state decided not to pick up his plate- and I sure am happy he didn't.
A 2004 Mississippi vanity "BEATST8." For those who are having a hard time reading it, it means Beat State. In Mississippi, State refers to Mississippi State University, arch-rivals to Ole Miss.
The only reason I bought this plate is because in preperation for the 2005 football season, the school came out with slogan "I'm In Ole Miss," so this plate looks pretty cool sitting before the Ole Miss vanity.
Oxford is the name of the town that surrounds the campus of the University. This small town of just a little over 10,000 is quietly becoming one of the top retirement towns in the South. Click here for Oxford's official website.

The next plates all relate to my family (or my girlfriend) in some way or another. I will do my best to explain the message behind the plates (that are not too obvious). These are among my favorite plates because it is a way for me to tie my loved ones into my hobby of collecting license plates.

This Connecticut vanity was on my father's car in the early 1980s. The first three letters, REK, are his initials and the suffix, ESQ, is the technical initials for an attorney- the current profession of my father.
The rather ordinary Connecticut license plate formerly appeared on my mother's Ford Explorer. License plate number "262-SVJ."
This 1945 Massachusetts license plate is signifigant in that my father was born that year in the Bay State. A Lynn native, he was born on July 23rd.
This unissued Nebraska vanity reads "Twelve 22." I just had to have this plate since my birthday is December 22. Once again, I couldn't be happier that some Nebraskan didn't pick up his or her plate.
Their is only one reason I would pay $3.50 for a Texas flag license plate- it has my initials on it. I am constantly looking but this is the first BWK plate I have found.
Yes, just an ordinary 1996 Florida license plate from Broward County but it was on my mother's car in the mid- 1990s.
This Connecticut Choose Life license plate is currently on my pick-up. Click here to read more about Choose Life license plates throughout the United States.

There are three or four states that have a Morgan county and county names on the plate, and Georgia is one of them. These plates are signifigant to me because my girlfriend's name is Morgan. I know that Kentucky and Tennessee also have Morgan counties.

This Mississippi vanity, "MARYK 4" is pretty easy to explain- my mother's name is Mary Kay.



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