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Brett Kittredge's License Plates

Want List

On the About Me page I mentioned the plates I was collecting, the reasons why and what else I needed for those particular interests. This page is a little more simpler in that in just has a list of what I am looking for by collection type.

I am always looking to trade so if you have anything I am interested in, check out my For Sale page, and we can do some trading. Even if I don't have anything your need, don't hesitate to e-mail me with what you have, a picture of and the price you are asking for it.


Dealer Plates-

Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

This run is simply a fifty state run of dealer plates, no specific years or anything like that although I would prefer newer plates. All plates must be VG or better. Also, I would prefer a plain "Dealer" plate as opposed to New, Used, etc.

1986 Plates-

Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Mint condition and naturals is not necessary, but would like at least VG and they must be passenger plates.

State Anniversary Plates-

1934 Maryland, 1935 Arkansas, 1936 Rhode Island, 1936 Texas, 1938 Ohio, 1939 Washington, 1940 Idaho, 1960 Kansas, 1966 Indiana, 1966-7 Alaska, 1970 South Carolina, 1984 Maryland, 1989 Nevada, 1996 Iowa (plain base), 1998 Wisconsin, 2007 Oklahoma. The years listed indicate the year of the anniversary and not the first or last year the plate was released.

Obviously some of these older plates go for a good amount of money and I am not ready to fork over an arm and a leg for a license plate yet so I am mainly looking for the more recent plates (meaning post World War II).

Choose Life Plates-

Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, South Dakota. Samples OK on the HI, MD and SD plates if you have them. Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Dakota have just or are set to really soon release Choose Life plates and I will be interested as soon as they become available.

Mississippi Plates-

At first I was thinking about a Mississippi run but have now decided to try to collect an example (or one) of every type of plate Missisippi issued. I am not so concerned with plates that were only issued for a year or two or every single special cause plate. The list includes:

Amateur Radio, Ambulance, Antique Truck, Apportioned Trailer, Apportioned Truck, Bus, Ex- Governor, Ex- Lt. Governor, Farm Truck, Farm Truck (light), Firefighter, Fleet, Governor, Government, Hearing Impaired, Hearse, House Trailer, Law Enforcement (PD, Sheriff, State), Lt. Governor, Miss. Highway Patrol, Passenger Substitue, Private Carrier (greater than 10,000 lbs), Private Commercial Truck, Public Service Commission, Rental Car, School Bus, Semi Trailer, State House, State Senate, Street Rod, Taxi, Temporary, Trailer Rental

This is the list of plates I need, not all the different plates I know the state offers. The archives do list some more plates that maybe I will look at obtaining but for now I am going to try to work on this- probably starting with some of the easier types.

Miscellaneous Plates-

I am looking for any plates with the following initials: BWK, MBS, MCK, REK. I am also looking for vanities with the following names: Brett or Morgan. I am also looking for any plates from Morgan County. Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee all display county names and have Morgan counties (there may be more I don't know of). I am also looking for a 1950 Washington plate in Good or better condition and a 1984 Connecticut plate in VG or better condition. I am also interested in any vanities that have anything to do with Ole Miss- if you think you have something let me know.



Send me an e-mail with any questions, comments or suggestions.